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My name is Buford Mobley

I am Buford Mobley. I’m no soccer guru. I didn’t play soccer as a kid. In fact, I’ve never played competitive soccer. So what gives me the cahones to think that I could create a website to help soccer parents raise happy, healthy, and successful soccer players?

One, I have spent the last 14 years doing just that, raising a happy, healthy, and successful soccer player. Two, I have created 2 soccer communities with over forty-five thousand soccer parents from every nook and cranny of The United States. Three, I have a child (a young lady) that is 10 years older than my soccer player. She’s a special needs teacher and a productive member of society, so I’ve spent the last twenty-eight years in the parenting trenches, so to speak.

Thank you Buford, for always sharing and educating those of us who are just now entering the more serious, competitive side of the journey... I've learned SO MUCH from your posts and greatly appreciate you.

Lori Gleason

From my blog

5 Dumb Things and 5 Good Things I’ve Done As a Soccer Dad

Let’s go with the dumb things first, since I’ve done way more of those.

Nutrition for Soccer Players

Nutrition for soccer players is often overlooked and neglected. Whether it’s soccer coaches, trainers, strength coaches or parents, the focus is on the physical development of the youth athlete.

Guide to goalkeeper gloves

In the goalkeeping glove world, there are so many brands to choose from, many of which you may have never heard of before. Since goalkeeping is a specialized position, there are several niche brands that have popped up (often started by goalkeepers themselves) to focus on creating their own specialized equipment.

Improving the Parent/Athlete Relationship

After talking to hundreds of parents this last year, I have observed some really subtle, but recurring things that have been happening with the parent/player relationship.
Today I am going to share those observations and some shifts you can make as a parent to help your daughter build confidence without straining your relationship.

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