1. Foot function. Everything you do starts with how you contact the ground, without a strong foot you cannot control anything else up the body. Activate your feet each day in order to be fast, powerful, and healthy!

2. Single leg hip flexion with knee extension. I loooove this. So many touch points! Feet, hip, lower back and spine, opposite quad. Before we go fast, we gotta wake up and activate what you’ll be recruiting.

3. Plyos. Again, everything starts at the ground. If you do not build a strong base inside your body and then bring your relationship with your own body to the ground, the ground will not help you. If the ground doesn’t help you, how could you ever be fast, aggressive, and elusive?

4. Running mechanics. Switch is a big deal! One of the main areas of improvement for most youth athletes, this drill warms up ground contact, full body stiffness, and true switching as opposed to stepping.

Try it out and watch your team warmups be the MOST EFFECTIVE

Laura Stark
Laura Stark

Laura completed her college career as a 4 year Track and Field athlete and earned her B.S. in Exercise Science from Truman State University in May of 2015. Taking the tools she learned from her college career, internship, and various high level coaches in the NFL, MLB, NHL, and Sports Performance fields she started Stark Strong Performance, LLC in August of 2016. While continuing to learn under her mentor at the NFL level and hone in on speed development and injury prevention with NFL Combine, she developed a program to take the tools only seen at the pro level and share them with middle and high school age athletes. The Speed Enhancement Mentorship was founded in October of 2020 to not only share these high level tools, but to also create a lifestyle change sustainable beyond our athletes time with us.