1. Keeper Parents rarely care about seeing the whole pitch. You usually see them at one end the 1st half, and at the other end the 2nd half.
  2. Keeper parents are used to dealing with injuries, so they always have first aid tricks, hacks, and goodies if your child gets hurt.
  3. They live on pins and needles their whole soccer lives, so they deal with stress better (or secretly drink a lot)
  4. They are some of the nicest team parents because they don’t kill other parents when they blame the keeper for a goal given.
  5. They are the MVPs of team parents. After all, they are raising the most important player, even if he/she is a little quirky.

Buford Mobley
Buford Mobley

I'm no soccer guru. Just a soccer Dad who's been through the ups and downs, twists and turns of the youth soccer journey. I help soccer parents develop their players by becoming better soccer parents. It is my mission to make the journey easier, more enjoyable, and more meaningful for soccer parents.