Hello, I’m Beth Jessop. I’m a sports mama to Avry and Beau, a passionate advocate for sports parents, and the founder of Sports Parents United.

My mission, through Sports Parents United, is to give parents an opportunity to ignite the passion of their athlete by following a fundamental, foundational principle.

Love First.

Sport Second.

With that guiding principle, Sports Parents United promises to CELEBRATE every athlete and SUPPORT every sports parent. 

Supporting every sports parent, in practical terms, looks like providing every sports parent with the tools to raise an athlete who is nutritionally fit, physically fit and mentally fit – no matter their age, sport, or skill level. 

And our goal is to always deliver those resources at an affordable price, so that ALL sports parents, who want to invest in their athlete’s future, have access to the transforming tools.

You can find me (if I’m not at a baseball field watching my son or a dance competition with my daughter) here: 

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/sportsparentsunited

Website: www.sportsparentsunited.com

AND you can nominate a deserving athlete for ATHLETE OF THE DAY here:

Athlete of the Day: https://www.sportsparentsunited.com/athlete-of-the-day/