Feelings are Everywhere

Sport teaches you not to talk about feelings. But every time you step on the field, you are swamped with them. Soccer hits you right in the heart, and creates a bucket full of feelings, many of them negative and uncomfortable. What should you do with this heavy bucket? 

The only way to make the bucket lighter is to face your feelings.  They are called feelings because you are supposed to feel them.  What a concept!

Fake It” is Fake!

“Fake it till you make it,” is only a short-term solution.  “Fake it” is the opposite of “face it”.  When you fake it, you are lying to yourself, you are hiding from the truth.

How in the world are you supposed to show up and kick butt in the competitive arena if you are faking and hiding?

When you face your feelings, it helps you understand what’s going on inside your head and heart. 

Call the FBI

When you face your feelings, you get clarity.  You become like a detective who works for the FBI: Feelings Bring Information.

Instead of faking or hiding, try examining the information they bring.  Your heart can’t talk to you with words, so it uses feelings to get your attention.

When your heart speaks, you better listen! What are your feelings telling you?

Are your feelings poking you? Why are they poking you? Are they showing you that you’re focused on the wrong things? Are they asking you to pay attention? To what? What are they telling you? What are they showing you?

Be a detective every day because you have feelings every day!   

The good news is, managing your feelings is a skill.  That means when you work at it, you improve.

Time to get to work! I can help: https://www.shawneeharle.com/

Shawnee Harle
Shawnee Harle

Shawnee helps athletes figure out what's going on in their head, cut through the noise, and release their inner tiger. And because it takes a village, she also works with their parents and coaches. I'm excited to be part of The Soccer Parent Lifestyle! Win From Within, Shawnee Harle 250-300-0789 shawneeharle.com