As a soccer parent, I know firsthand that raising a competitive athlete is a challenge. There’s no playbook for parenting, let alone for raising a young athlete. That’s why seeking advice from coaches, clubs, and other experienced parents is crucial.

But as I’ve discovered over the years, there’s little guidance out there for parents who want to supplement their child’s training. Sure, there’s plenty of advice on how to behave on the sidelines and during the car ride home, but nothing specifically designed to help parents who want to positively contribute to their child’s training.

The following list draws upon the lessons I’ve learned, which are often overlooked in coaching circles. While it’s not that coaches are opposed to parents supporting their children (as I discuss in my podcast series), it’s simply not something that receives much attention or consideration due to the numerous other priorities they must address.

Read the full article to get the five lessons I learned over the years that aren’t talked about enough in coaching circles:


Neil Crawford
Neil Crawford

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