50 Years of Love for Children Learning the Game

After a playing and coaching career that helped lay the foundation for the storied Fresno Pacific University Men’s Soccer program, Koach Karl Dewazien has gone on to become a household name in the world of soccer.

As a player, he scored 21 career goals, graduating as the program’s all-time leading scorer, and distinguished himself as a team leader. His leadership was so trusted that he was actually named head coach of the team prior to his senior season. After serving as player coach for one year, he held the position for four more seasons before moving on to become one of the major pioneers of the sport in the United States.

Coach Karl playing Soccer
Coach Karl explaining tactics to a group of kids

His Soccer education includes: United States Soccer Federation “A” License #28, West German “A” License course, Holland (English) Coaching course, FIFA Coaching Academies (by invitation), Canadian National Staff Coaching course, and many more throughout the U.S. and Europe.

Dewazien has been instrumental to the sport’s growth, particularly in the state of California, and served as the California Youth Soccer Association State Director of Coaching from 1978 to 2012. He is considered the Pioneer of West Coast Soccer Camps and has been a clinician for thousands of coaches throughout the U.S.

A well-published author, he has been a contributor to every major soccer publication in the U.S. and is a featured speaker at State, National, and International events. His “Modified Laws of the Game” for youth players, used by the U.S. Youth Soccer Association, has become the standard throughout the U.S. and Canada.

Koach Karl is the author and publisher of the world-famous “FUNdamental Soccer” book series, the cornerstone of Youth Soccer practice and Small Sided games. The “FUNdamental Soccer – Practice” book has been translated into Spanish, Japanese, and most notably, Chinese (the People’s Republic of China translated and distributed to all youth coaches in China).

Coach Karl speaking into microphone wearing a suit

He has been inducted into multiple Halls of Fame, including: Lemoore Union High School (2001), Coalinga Junior College (2003), Fresno Pacific University (2014), and California Youth Soccer Association (2014).

Most recently, Koach Karl is the Administrator of Recreation at CYSA District 7, and a full-time Internet Clinician. His website (FundamentalSoccer.com) has been a staple for Youth Soccer coaches for 15+ years. The site was revamped in 2015 to adapt to Koach Karl’s passion for teaching and interacting with coaches worldwide. He believes that there is still much work to be done and more FUN to be had!


  • Graduate from Lemoore Union High School (1964) 
  • Graduate from Coalinga Junior College (1966) 
  • Fresno Pacific College/BA (1969) 
  • Teaching Credential State of Calif. (1970)
  • United States Soccer Federation “A” license #28 (l974)
  • West German “A” license course (l979)
  • Holland (English) Coaching course (l979)
  • Federation International deFootball Association (FIFA) Coaching Academies (by invitation) (1981 & l984)
  • Canadian National Staff Coaching Course (1982)

…and many more throughout Europe and USA since then!


  • Coaching Director – CYSA (l978-2012)
    • CYSA averaged over 200,000 registered players
    • Responsible for licensing (average) 3,000 coaches each year in CA
    • In charge of curriculum development for all courses
    • Advisor to Technical Directors in the Olympic Development Program
    • Technical Advisor on local, national, and international coaching
    Co-Chairman of the National Coaching Committee
    • United States Youth Soccer Association (USYSA)
    • USYSA had 3.2 million registered players throughout the USA (l996-99)

FUNdamental Soccer Enterprises


  • FUNdamental SOCCER – ‘Guide’
  • FUNdamental SOCCER – ‘Practice’
  • FUNdamental SOCCER – ‘Tactics’
  • FUNdamental SOCCER – ‘Goalkeeping’
  • ‘Totally’ FUNdamental SOCCER
  • ‘Footnotes’ of FUNdamental SOCCER


  • FUNdamental Soccer
  • Youth Soccer – The FUNdamental Way
  • FUNdamental Soccer – Practice of Champions
  • Genesis: Before the 9-Step Practice
  • 9-Step Practice Routine DVD

Copyright Owner:

  • FUNdamental SOCCER Practice (1978)
  • U-6 Modified Laws of the Game (1980)
  • U-8 Modified Laws of the Game (1980)
  • U-10 Modified Laws of the Game (1980)
  • U-12 Modified Laws of the Game (1980)