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Anatomy of a skilled youth soccer player

Issue 1

While most people think of anatomy as body parts, for purposes of this article, we’re going to expand the definition of anatomy to include body parts, intangible personality characteristics, and environmental factors. Let’s get to it.....

A Keeper Family Journey

Issue 2

The O'Neal family, from Charleston, South Carolina, comes straight out of central casting of the All-American soccer family. As you will soon see, they are an All-American family, period. We first met Blanton (Father) a few years ago in Tuscaloosa, Alabama at ODP Regional Camp. We met Anne (Mother) a couple years later at a Showcase in Raleigh, North Carolina. They are raising three boys, all avid soccer players, two of them keepers. We got a chance recently to visit with Blanton. Here is the O'Neal family soccer story........

Representing USA!

Issue 3

Soccer Parent Lifestyle Magazine recently visited with Molly Vapensky, along with her Mother Aimee and Father John. Molly is a very driven, hard working young lady who is thriving on and off the pitch.

She currently commands the box for Chicago FC United GA 2006. She's also a 2022 ODP National Training Camp Participant, and a goalkeeper for the 2022 U15 USYNT CONCACAF Champions!

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Running a youth soccer club? It's not as easy as you think

Issue 4

Running a youth soccer club is easy, right? From a soccer parent perspective, it may not seem so hard. However, any time kids are in the equation, what seems easy can be oh so difficult.

We want to learn the perspective from the club management side. Recently, we got to visit with Greg McGreevy, the Chairman Of The Advanced Competition Alliance of Pacific FC, a mid-size youth soccer club in Washington State.....

Referee Crisis?

Issue 5

Soccer Parent Lifestyle Magazine visited with Jason Goumas PT, who generously gives an extraordinary amount of his free time to refereeing youth soccer games.....

Like father, like son

Issue 6

The Soccer Parent Lifestyle got to visit with a very special guest, Jeremiah White. He is a former player for the US Men's National Team. He had a great career overseas and also in MLS and at Wake Forest. He now has a son that's carrying on the tradition with the U-15, U-16 Youth National Team.....

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concussion vision

Issue 7

The topic of concussions has been of great importance of late. But in the sport of soccer often times I find that athletes, parents, and even coaches have little to no knowledge as to how to tackle this issue.

How can we better prevent them? How do we recover? What can we do?

Working for his pro soccer dreams

Issue 8

The next fall Micah was allowed to play. I’m not sure if it was out of pity because we were the only Americans on the team, but they allowed Micah to play with Elijah’s age group. He was not the most coordinated child and they put him in the goal. I think this was because he would pick the ball up on the field anyway.....

8 Tips To Make “The Ride Home” A Safe Place For Growth

Issue 9

It was pitch black outside. The basketball bouncing on the driveway echoed through the suburban street. 

I hadn’t eaten dinner yet. Still had homework to do. 

But there I was, trying to make 50 free throws so my mom would let me come inside.

See, I missed a few free throws in the game, so on the ride home, I was assigned 50 as a “punishment.”

Why College Planning Matters: Advice From a College Coach

Issue 10

Finding the right college is the most important step in college soccer recruiting, and knowing where to start can be daunting for student-athletes and their families. The ultimate goal of the college soccer recruiting process should be to maximize your opportunities, and college planning should come first – not identification or playing for the “right” team that many people believe.

Making The Cut: What To Do When The Unthinkable Happens

Issue 11

After 17 years as a dedicated soccer parent, my son and I experienced something for the first time ever.  My kid got cut! I have two sons, one who currently plays in college and the second is a high school sophomore who aspires to play collegiately as well.  He had tried out for an elite academy team in our area on three separate occasions over the years and finally was offered a spot on the team after the most recent attempt a year ago.

Why Your Soccer Player Should Be Strength Training Year-Round

Issue 12

Unlike many traditional American sports, strength training has yet to become synonymous with soccer development here and abroad. Despite the wealth of information pointing to its benefits, there is still hesitancy around its inclusion in a soccer development program. Many of the reasons I hear young players (and their parents) give for NOT strength training include:

Match Fit Academy (NJ) Rolls Out Mental Performance Program

Issue 13

According to U.S. Soccer, there are four major pillars of player development. The first three pillars – technical, tactical, and fitness – are common area of emphasis in soccer practices at almost every level.

Few clubs, however, provide their players and coaches resources to develop the 4th pillar – the psychological component.

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