Born and raised in France, Matt attended the Havre Athletic Club Academy and had a successful career at a young age. After representing his country in the European Qualifier, he faced a serious injury that was threatening his chances of reaching the highest level.
In the Summer of 2013, he packed his bags, and landed at Iowa Western Community College, earning All-American First-Team accolades, before transferring to Loyola University of Chicago on a full scholarship. In the Spring of 2017, he earned two prestigious degrees in Communications and Sport Management.

After a short but fulfilling coaching spell at Barton Community College, he signed a professional contract in India with Kerala FC, where he played for a few months before coming back to the States in the Fall of 2018.

In January 2019, he signed with the Harrisburg Heat in the Major Arena Soccer League (MASL).

That same year, he founded Frenchy Elite Football, a private coaching company that, to this day, has helped more than 200 players reach their highest potential.

My passion aside from playing soccer is coaching players that share the same fire for this sport as me.

And to be completely honest, helping them continue their passion into their college years, well… there is no better feeling.  

Receiving texts from my athletes and students saying, “Coach, I got an offer” or “I committed!” makes my whole day.

And I must admit, I have become addicted to it!

But you know what the worst feeling is?

Knowing players like you that worked so hard all these years with their eyes on the prize, and do not get an offer, or even a fair look.

When I know they were good enough to play in college but because they were not in the right place at the right time, or they lacked experience, didn’t know exactly how to reach out to coaches, they eventually had to give up the sport they love.

It truly breaks my heart.

That is the reason why I created this guide. To help players get the scholarship offer they deserve from the school they belong in!

My goal for you, and what the course does, is to go from just another high school player lost in coaches’ inboxes, to a stand-out college prospect with a scholarship offer.

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