We all love our kids, even when we don’t like them. From the time they are born, until the time they leave the nest, we do our best to provide for them, instill values, and try to do everything we can to raise them to be productive, solid citizens.

Then you throw competitive Youth Soccer in the mix. Your parental life just got exponentially more complicated. Now you’re an uber driver, a physical therapist, a travel agent, a concierge, a nutritionist, a medical trainer, a cheerleader, a psychiatrist, a personal spokesperson, a meteorologist, and a venture capitalist.

You put 100k miles on your vehicle before any hope of paying it off. You have no idea what paid time off is that doesn’t involve a soccer tournament. You know the Panera Bread, Jersey Mike’s, Subway, or Chic-Fil-A menu by heart. You somehow get used to sitting outside in all extremes of weather.

Your landscape may not be as neat as it was your pre-soccer parent days. Likewise, your house may not be as clean. You vaguely remember when you had a set family dinner time. You vaguely remember going on a vacation simply to vacation.

And then there is the actual soccer part. From the heart stopping wins in penalty kicks, to the excruciating losses in the last second. From the celebratory post game family meal to the tear-filled, silent, long drive home. It’s an emotional roller coaster.

Here’s the thing. We’re here for ALL. OF. IT. Bring on The Soccer Parent Lifestyle!