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Soccer Parent Lifestyle Magazine would love to partner with your club to educate, inform, and entertain your soccer parents.

This provides excellent fundraising for your club, while simultaneously educating your parents, giving your club the ultimate win-win!

Soccer Parent Lifestyle Magazine Scores!

How Your Club Benefits:
Additional cash flow for your club
Reduces the need for team and club fundraisers
Educates club parents on all aspects of youth soccer
Positions your club as a leader in soccer parent education

Our absolute passion is educating soccer parents.

The Soccer Parent Lifestyle

a Magazine with Something for Every Soccer Parent


Our parenting content features two themes: "Let the coaches coach, and let the kids play," and "The best way to help your child is to become a better soccer parent,"

Mental Training

We all know that mentally tough, resilient kids become better soccer players. We give parents information to help them raise mentally tough kids.


Kids that eat right and are fueled properly when they show up for training and games perform better, and make your coaches' jobs easier.

Parental Behavior

The coaches' jobs are to coach the kids. The parents should be able to control themselves. We give them the information AND the tools to do so.

General Soccer Knowledge

Human interest stories of ordinary kids doing extraordinary things on and off the pitch.

Meet The Contributors

These are some of our regular contributors. Our team is growing every month, with the idea of providing expert, up to date content on all things youth soccer.

Buford Mobley

Editor In Chief

Jaimee Cooper

The Soccer Nutritionist

Christian DeVries

Head Mens and Womens Soccer Coach

Paradise Valley Community College

Shay Haddow

Alpha Girl Confidence

Matt Murphy

Soccer Dad

Rob Aigner

Soccer Coach

Austin Turner

Two Footed Solutions

Laura Stark

Stark Strong Performance

Gregg Gillies

The Soccer Specialist

Take the stress out of Fundraising While Educating Your Parents

Wouldn't it be nice to be able to offer your parents the opportunity to educate themselves while contributing to the club, while relieving the burden of popcorn sales, raffles, and car washes? Tap the button below to find out the details and give your club and the parents a win-win!

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