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"The best part is the authenticity and love that buford has put into this must read book "

It is a parenting book that happens to have a soccer theme.

Ken Barrack

soccer parent

"Soccer Parent Lifestyle Magazine is like a modern encyclopedia."

The magazine does an incredible job sorting out and organizing accurate and needed information for you and your child to navigate through your soccer adventure and career.

Matt Braem


"After reading this, I feel like I have a compass to follow which makes the journey less scary."

Sh*t an Old Soccer Dad Says may have saved my sanity. My daughter is an 11 year old keeper playing for a top level team. We haven’t been at this long but so many of Buford’s stories were instantly relatable. As a parent, there is so much stress over the unknown and “what’s next” that it’s easy to lose yourself and the reason we do this.

Sean Krezenski

soccer parent

Thank you Buford, for always sharing and educating those of us who are just now entering the more serious, competitive side of the journey... I've learned SO MUCH from your posts and greatly appreciate you.

Lori Gleason

"Thank you for giving me the opportunity to read your book! Now I need to go read your first one : )"

Such a fun, relatable great read! It is nice to know we aren't alone in this soccer journey. Some topics I learned the hard way and wish I read this years earlier and others we are just about to go through so the advice will sit in my back pocket to refer to when the time hits. Thank you for touching on mental illness. It terrifies and pulls at my heart strings to know that such successful kids on and off the pitch struggle and it could very well be mine or one of our teammates one day. It is a topic that needs to discussed and more resources need to be accessible to kids.

Jennifer Stahl

soccer parent

"As a soccer parent you want to help your player succeed but how do you know the best way to help them grow?"

The insight that Buford shares in the Soccer Parent Lifestyle from his own personal experience and experts in the field is a real treasure for soccer parents trying to figure out how to raise a healthy, confident, skilled, and motivated soccer player.

Ben Edwards


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I love everything you said. Since joining this group I have gotten great perspectives and have had to really look into the mirror on what type of soccer parent I am. Thank you for helping me see what I did not..... it has helped me grow tremendously!

Christy Robertson Notareschi

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