A picture popped up in my timeline as a reminder of where we started. 

The journey of a sports parent begins with a simple sign-up sheet, a call from a coach, a first team, a first practice and a nervous excitement; your child’s excitement and your excitement. This is all new to them, and to you, and before you know it “we’ll just see where this goes” turns into many incredible years of playing sports.

The time between the “tick” of the first season and the “tock” of the last season goes fast and often we get swept up in the current of managing everything. 

But what if we took a moment, at the start of the very first season, to consider what we want in the future. 

 It seems so far off, and this is just the first season…I don’t really need to look that far ahead, right? 

I guess that depends on what you RESPECT most in building a strong foundation.

And even if your peewee player only plays one season, you can start building a solid foundation – one that transfers to playing the tuba, building theater sets or whatever your child discovers they love!

So, what transfers from little league to professional players to anywhere your child’s love leads them?

It’s simple…

Think Well.

Eat Well. 

Move Well. 

These are the transferable skills, starting in the very first season, a sports parent should focus on – and come back to over and over during the sports parenting journey.

While I recognize every child is different, every family is different and every sport is different, when a sports parent focuses on the fundamentals – eating well, moving well, 

and thinking well – there is potential for a sturdy foundation to be built.

Let’s start with Thinking Well. Here are a few things to consider.

First, Sports Parent, Love first. Sport Second. This has the potential to ignite the passion of your athlete. In practical terms, this looks like reminding your child of this every day. 

I love you. Period. 

Second, Sports Parent, your PERCEPTION matters more than your attitude. In fact, your PERCEPTION drives your attitude (the same in true for your athlete). Embrace and respect your PERCEPTION on the journey ahead.

Third, Sports Parent, repetition, repetition, repetition. Anything we get good at requires a ton of repetition (the same is true for your athlete).

There is more to unpack, but these first 3 things give us somewhere to start. Next up, more on Thinking Well- then Eating Well and Moving Well – and it might not be what you are expecting.

Beth Jessop
Beth Jessop

I'm a sports mama to Avry and Beau and a passionate advocate for sports parents. I'm the founder of Sports Parents United. My mission, through Sports Parents United, is to give parents an opportunity to ignite the passion of their athlete by following a fundamental, foundational principle. Love First. Sport Second. With that guiding principle, Sports Parents United promises to CELEBRATE every athlete and SUPPORT every sports parent and to deliver those resources at an affordable price, so ALL sports parents, who want to invest in their athlete's future, have access to the transforming tools. www.sportsparentsunited.com